We kindly invite you to participate at the 3rd International Symposium on OCT4NDT and submit your contribution!


Topics that will be covered in the symposium include:


    OCT applications in:

      - non-destructive testing
        - quality control
        - device characterization
        - material investigations


    e.g. for   
      - characterization of polymers (foils, organic solar cells, GRP, ...)

      - pharmaceutical applications

      - detection of forgery

      - investigation of artwork

      - unveiling the microstructure of food

      - and many more industrial applications


    and algorithms:

    - system design

    - novel and innovative light sources
      - fiber technology
      - probe design
      - spectrometer
      - data analysis
      - signal processing
      - system integration and automation

    - in-line applications


    Advanced techniques:    - exceptional wavelength (e.g. X-ray, mid-IR)        

       - polarization-sensitive OCT

       - Doppler OCT
         - spectroscopic OCT

       - multi-modal techniques (e.g. combination with photoacoustic imaging, Raman, ...)

       - imaging of dynamic processes (e.g. flow processes)